Diverso Energy understands that Architects are faced with the conflicting pressures of improving sustainability while maintaining a tight budget.

They very often must make  compromises during the design process due to limited resources. Diverso Energy has created a solution that allows designers to achieve both of these goals, without compromise. This value-add solution will equip Architects to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. 



One of the most prevalent challenges facing Architects is meeting their clients’ goals when it comes to sustainability. Sustainability can be applied to several aspects of a project, but energy conservation is by far the most significant. Corporate responsibility, ever changing building codes, and green initiatives from local governments are some of the pressures and outside influences driving sustainability. Whatever the motivation, the challenge remains the same; achieving challenging targets while remaining within budget.


Geothermal is one of the most significant contributors to LEED points, GHG reduction and energy conservation. Although the benefits of geothermal are well recognized, it is often not implemented due to its high capital investment and limited construction financing. At Diverso Energy we understand this dilemma. Our business is built around creating a mechanism which allows architects to reach or surpass their sustainability goals while keeping the project under budget. We take away a significant portion of the capital cost of a geothermal system and convert it into a long term building operating expense. We will design, build, own, and maintain the geothermal bore field (also known as ground heat exchanger). Not only does this remove the financial risk associated with geothermal, it also removes any operational or performance risks. Other benefits include water conservation, reduced maintenance costs, structural savings and aesthetic improvements through the removal of the cooling tower or other heat rejection device.
Our solution is the simplest and quickest way to achieve the often unachievable goals that have been placed on designers – be green, stay under budget.