Let's Work Together


Developers across North America are turning to Diverso Energy to solve a significant real estate dilemma:  how to keep construction costs in check to maximize profits while meeting new energy and carbon targets.

Diverso Energy offers a unique business model for large commercial and multi-family buildings that reduces energy costs, has a positive environmental impact, while removing the construction costs usually associated with a geothermal energy system. Our third party utility model converts the capital cost into a long-term operating expense while providing a resilient, low risk renewable heating and cooling solution.

As a developer working with Diverso Energy, you no longer need to worry about:

  • Excessive mechanical budgets due to cooling towers, boilers and large maintenance rooms

  • Any risks associated with geothermal energy since the system is owned and operated by Diverso Energy

  • Meeting mandated carbon and energy targets, since geothermal is the most effective solution for eliminating the use of fossil fuels and reducing overall energy consumption




As a designer you may have looked at geothermal in the past and for a variety of reasons it wasn't a good fit. Now you can lean on Diverso Energy’s extensive experience and maximize the full benefits of geothermal without worrying about budget impacts, risk or liability. 


We take full responsibility and ownership of the design and implementation of the geothermal borefield and associated components. As a result the Engineer of record can leverage the benefits and our knowledge to compliment their existing design. This means optimizing energy and carbon reduction which will play a major role in achieving sustainability targets.  Mechanical budgets will also be reduced as a result of eliminating heating boilers and cooling towers. The demarcation point is a heat exchanger located in the mechanical room.


Architects will appreciate the flexibility offered as a result of eliminating roof top equipment and reducing or eliminating the mechanical penthouse. This space can now be re-allocated for rooftop amenities or in some cases additional GFA.  The significant energy and carbon reduction offered by geothermal has allowed some Architects additional flexibility in envelope design while still achieving the targets that have been set.

When you choose to work with Diverso Energy, you are choosing a simple and easy solution that minimizes risk, achieves sustainability targets.

It is a true win-win for all parties involved.