At Diverso Energy, we understand construction projects function under a tight budget and adding anything that impacts that budget not only diminishes your profit but may not even be a viable option.  We also recognize there’s increased pressure on developers and owners to produce green and energy efficient buildings.  The reality is that for developers, these two polarizing objectives are often irreconcilable. 

To that end, Diverso Energy has developed a unique solution that provides developers a more sustainable building while simultaneously reducing their construction costs.



Diverso Energy will design, build, fund, operate and maintain the Geothermal System.  We convert what is typically a capital cost into an off balance sheet operating expense through the use of a unique geothermal PPA (power purchase agreement).  By displacing equipment such the cooling tower, boiler, etc., in most cases Diverso Energy is able to offer a premium green energy efficient solution at a reduced cost.  


How exactly do YOU benefit from the Diverso Energy Solution?

Energy Efficiency is just one of the many reasons that Geothermal makes so much sense for Commercial and Multi-Family Residential buildings. Factoring in the additional benefits provided by Diverso Energy's solution, there are too many to list here. So let us give you just a few….

1) Construction Savings

The traditional Geothermal solution involves a higher capital cost which is then recovered through long-term operational savings thus producing a Return On Investment.  At Diverso Energy we have turned traditional geothermal economics on its head and eliminated the investment altogether.  Most often there is a reduction in the HVAC budget by eliminating equipment such as boilers and cooling towers.  The result is a net savings for the developer of up to $500,000 in construction costs with no operational or performance risk.


2) Sales & Marketing

Over the last few years, tenant preferences have evolved to see value in renting or buying in buildings that are classified as "sustainable" or "green".  This change in buying behavior provides a unique opportunity for developers to create a point of differentiation from other conventional buildings. In attempt to capitalize on this opportunity, many developers are marketing their buildings as “green” however, in most cases by not being specific, the term has been diluted and has lost much of its value.  With our solution, developers can be specific calling out the geothermal system, which is widely recognized as a significant energy and emissions reducing technology.  Geothermal will also provide credibility to developers as being socially and environmentally responsible, which positively impacts the image of the building as a whole. 


3) Meeting an Aggressive Building Code

Geothermal is universally recognized as a technology that generates significant energy savings and greenhouse gas reduction.  Geothermal displaces the dependence on natural gas for heating while also eliminating the Carbon Dioxide emissions produced from burning it. Additionally, it also reduces electricity consumption for cooling by up to 40%.  These reductions can have a major impact on achieving building code or local energy efficiency standards.  As these new efficiency standards continue to become more aggressive so does the cost associated with complying. Geothermal will not only meet, but will typically exceed these standards and with Diverso Energy, it’s achieved at no additional cost.


4) Building Valuation and Occupancy Rates

Asset Management firms recognize the value of green buildings.  Investments in sustainability have a direct impact on tenant quality, tenant retention and ultimately NOI, which all contribute to the appreciated value of the property.  In a competitive real-estate environment, owners are looking for ways to protect occupancy rates while minimizing their financial exposure.  A Diverso Energy geothermal system will accomplish these goals without the upfront cost or risk.