Diverso Energy has a solution that can address the top concerns raised by Engineers when it comes to renewable energy solutions such as geothermal.

Our experienced in house Engineering team will focus on designing a geothermal ground heat exchanger along with related piping, pumps and controls to compliment the existing Mechanical design. We will work alongside the mechanical design team to integrate the geothermal system seamlessly with their current design to optimize the overall performance.

Diverso Energy can address:

  • Concerns with the increased cost by offering a power purchase agreement and elimination of mechanical costs such as boilers and cooling towers.
  • Lack of confidence in geothermal technology by handling the design and implementation, as well as integration with the building mechanical system.
  • Concerns that geothermal requires a large footprint by installing the geothermal borefield under the building footprint.


The Challenge:

When the term geothermal is brought up during preliminary design discussions, engineers are often quick to dismiss the technology as an unfeasible option. There are several factors that may cause this reaction, most of which are based on assumptions or misunderstandings. A few of the most common scenarios include:

  • They have gone through the design process many times before only to have it dismissed during the value-engineering stage and therefore don’t want to waste their time.
  • They are often unfamiliar with the technology due to limited experience, and would therefore prefer the client utilize a technology they are more comfortable with.
  • They only associate geothermal with water source heat pumps, believing they must compromise with a distributed heat pump system, regardless of the application.
  • They believe geothermal requires a large footprint.

Although these are all legitimate concerns, we at Diverso Energy have a solution:

  • We offer a PPA (power purchase agreement) that removes the cost of the bore field, which is the primary reason for high incremental costs of geothermal compared to other options. By removing redundant heating and heat rejection devices from the mechanical system, our geothermal system will often reduce mechanical costs rather than increase them.
  • Our experienced team will handle the GHX design and assist the mechanical design team with the integration between the two systems.
  • Geothermal can be applied to many conventional commercial mechanical systems. Some of these technologies include VAV with hot water re-heat, two and four pipe fan coil system, VRF and, of course, distributed water source heat pumps. With all of these options available and more, an engineer’s preliminary design often does not need to be modified to accommodate our geothermal system.
  • We will often install the geothermal bore field directly under the building footprint. Depending on the local geology we can typically go as deep as 600 to 800 feet below surface, so the footprint requirements are generally much less than anticipated.

At Diverso Energy, we recognize the trepidation many engineers have with regards to adopting geothermal systems. We have a solution that removes the hurdles for the building owner, as well as the mechanical engineer and designers.