Inspiring confidence. Delivering certainty.

When it’s your building, the planning and project details matter more than ever. That’s why at Diverso Energy we have a carefully designed and streamlined process that inspires confidence and delivers certainty at every step along the way.



We believe building a sustainable, energy-efficient building should be a financial benefit for all stakeholders. Because we believe this so strongly, we will only engage in a project if we can provide an immediate and long-term benefit for our client. With that in mind, our first step is to pre-qualify the project based on the building and its use. With the hundreds of projects we have completed, we can do this with just a few basic details.



We then provide a financial pro forma which quantifies the upfront economic benefit during construction and long-term operational benefit to the owner and occupants. In turn, our client provides a commitment, allowing us to move forward and engage with project consultants.


3. System Design

As the building design progresses through the final stages towards permit submission, we design a geothermal borefield based on a comprehensive, hourly energy model. This model is verified with the rest of the project design team to ensure alignment so we can ensure our system delivers the energy required to serve the building. We also work very closely with the building design team to integrate the geothermal system, minimizing the impact on the building systems while maximizing the benefit for the developer and building occupants.


4. Construction

As we move to the construction phase, our implementation team works closely with the construction team to ensure the integration of our geothermal system within the construction schedule. For example, we use a unique process where we drill starting from the surface, allowing us to complete the drilling before bulk excavation. Our lateral connections are then installed below the lower level slab and scheduled concurrent with other trades. The final mechanical connections and commissioning occurs in sequence with the mechanical system installation. Although each project is unique, we have had great success integrating our geothermal process into project timelines, reducing impact on the critical path.