why diverso energy

There are a lot of reasons to choose Diverso Energy, but the most important one is that WE DELIVER. We understand that geothermal seems complicated and risky. For us, it isn't. This is ALL we do. Because of our experience, we can build, own and operate the geothermal system and take full responsibility for its success.



"Our experience working with Diverso has been exceptional. Their knowledge and guidance helped us make better decisions and their business insight even extended to how to be more impactful in our marketing and sales programs. Best of class."

- Don Jackson, Vice President, Silvercreek Communities

"Diverso has an expert knowledge of the design and operation of Geo-exchange systems and a realistic and implementable model. Our goals of industry change are very much aligned and working with them is a real pleasure."

- Kenny Smith, Managing Principal, Integral Group


Reduce Construction Costs

We reduce construction costs by eliminating the need for conventional equipment, such as cooling towers and boilers and replacing them with our geothermal borefield that we pay for. Fortunately, our experience eliminates the need any backup equipment. Working with Diverso Energy will maximize your construction profit.

Convert Captial Cost to Operating Expense

We also convert what is typically a capital cost into an off-balance sheet operating expense through the use of a unique geothermal PPA (power purchase agreement). This eliminates your overall risk because our firm designs, builds, owns and operates the geothermal system.


Green Buildings stand out

We offer our customers a solution that has a material impact on achieving green targets and creating a diffrentiator from other projects. Buildings are starting to be required to participate in benchmarking programs with the results being published to potential renters and buyers. Buildings with geothermal will obviously stand out and result in improved marketability and occupancy resiliancy. Knowing that you have Diverso Energy managing the system and guaranteeing the performance will give you the confidence to boast about your building.


Improved Building Real Estate Value

Because you no longer need conventional HVAC equipment on your building’s rooftop, this prime real estate can be repurposed and marketed for additional amenities, such as a green rooftop or patio space. Other benefits include water conservation, reduced maintenance, structural savings and improved aesthetics through the removal of cooling towers or other heat rejection devices.


Building Valuation and Occupancy Rates

Building operators recognize the value of green buildings. Leveraging building sustainabilty has a direct impact on tenant quality, tenant retention and ultimately NOI, driving up the property value. In today’s competitive real-estate environment, owners are looking for ways to protect occupancy rates while minimizing their financial exposure. A Diverso Energy geothermal system will accomplish these goals without the upfront cost or risk.